Breathing Retraining Courses

What's included?

"The course has brought new knowledge, and proper understanding of how important your breathing is in your life, and how you are meant to breathe."

What can you expect?

This is an educative and self-managed approach. Your practitioner will educate and motivate you and significant improvements in symptoms may be seen within the first five days. Progress will depend on the degree to which your breathing is disordered, your state of health, your level of self-awareness, motivation and commitment and your willingness to address lifestyle factors that affect breathing.

How long does it take?

Ages 5 to 16: Six 60 minute sessions
Ages 16+: Six 90 minute sessions

Sessions 1 to 4 are group sessions held on four consecutive days. Session 5 is a group session held one week later. Session 6 is a private session including capnography held 6 weeks later.

What is the cost?

  • Course Type/Location Child | Adult
  • Group Course (Nelson) $550 | $795
  • Group Course via Zoom $550 | $795
  • Private Course $995| $1200

Additional information

Preventative health education

Breathing exercises are tailored to you and are not physically demanding. They are practiced daily until your breathing pattern has normalized or until you reach the best breathing pattern you are capable of given your health conditions.

This is preventative health education at its best . This conservative, natural, gentle, common-sense course should be taught in schools and hospitals. If it was, it would considerably lessen the burden on our healthcare system of a number of common health conditions.

Knowledge is power

This course is about education not medication.  Your body has an extraordinary ability to heal itself if you provide the right conditions.  To do that you need the right information.  

What we do is quite simple – we educate you about the role that breathing plays in your health and/or your condition, for example asthma, snoring, sleep apnoea, anxiety. Next we teach your what to do to improve your most basic function – your breathing. 

Knowledge is power and once you have this you can start to turn your health around. When clients look back after a few weeks they are often amazed at how simple it was and surprised that no one mentioned this information before.


Free guide reveals 10 common breathing myths that could be affecting you

In this guide we address some key myths and misunderstandings around breathing.



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