Awareness Coaching Capnography (biofeedback) Sessions

What’s Included?

"Working with Nicky opened up a whole new world for me about myself. The educational aspect on how the body breathes efficiently should be taught to all new parents, especially those who have asthmatic children, or children with allergies."

Using Capnography

Breathing related behaviours that may be explored using capnography include aborted exhale, accessory muscle breathing, breath holding, deep/shallow breathing, disruptive thoughts, dysponetic muscle responses and patterns, effortful breathing, fast/slow breathing, forced exhalation, gasping, sighing, coughing, intentional manipulations (control), interpreting breathing experience, interpreting breathing triggered symptoms, mouth/nasal breathing, over breathing, respiratory reflexes, swallowing, under breathing, reverse breathing, self-talk about breathing.


Free guide reveals 10 common breathing myths that could be affecting you

In this guide we address some key myths and misunderstandings around breathing.



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