A Randomized Controlled Trial Of The Buteyko Technique For Asthma Management

Source: Respiratory Medicine May 2008 (Vol. 102, Issue 5, Pages 726-732)

One hundred and twenty nine adults 18-50 years of age with asthma were randomised, 65 to the Buteyko group and 64 to the control group. The control group was trained by a physiotherapist in breathing and relaxation techniques. One hundred and nineteen of the participants were followed up at six months.

‘This randomised clinical trial showed that both the Buteyko and control (physiotherapy) interventions produced a favourable outcome in that over 70% of the participants enjoyed asthma control 6 months after completing the intervention. In addition, the subjects in the Buteyko group were able to significantly reduce their daily doses of inhaled corticosteroid.’

Robert L. Cowie, Diane P. Conley, Margot F. Underwood, Patricia G. Reader A randomised controlled trial of the Buteyko technique as an adjunct to conventional management of asthma Respiratory Medicine May 2008 (Vol. 102, Issue 5, Pages 726-732)



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